Cooling Tower Chemicals

Srivilas’ specialist team shall survey the site, review the process application, raw water source, air quality, flow rates, metallurgy, temperatures, humidity, operating procedures, and a host of other factors and provide the best cooling water treatment programs are tailored to fit each system. Our treatment programs start with an assessment of the process, water chemistry, cooling requirements and metallurgy in your system, which allows us to determine whether there is a tendency to corrode, scale, foul, or a combination of the three. We always try to find a way to improve performance and reliability of cooling water systems while optimizing costs that have always existed. Biocides/Algaecides, corrosion-inhibitors, Anti-Scalants are the major applications for cooling towers/water systems.

Antiscalants and Corrosion Inhibitors

Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors are chemical compounds that inhibit scale formation in the heat exchangers and prevent corrosion or rusting of heat exchangers at severe water conditions. Antiscalants that are effective - are profitable for users for its round the year savings of power and labor, increase in production and extended system life. Use of anti-scalant is a prime necessity to meet up with the huge production targets.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Product Name Active Component
SRI 16074 Borate + Nitrate
SRI 16207 Phosphorus
SRI 16208 Phosphorus
SRI 16209 Phosphorus


Product Name Active Component
SRI 16230 Polymer
SRI 16298 Polymer


Product Name Active Component
SRI 16299 Polymer

Dispersants & Biodispersants

The Dispersant and Biodispersant, which is superiorly used for preventing system from fouling caused by the biological augmentation of slimes, algae and bacterial deposits. On the continuous usage of cooling towers, a biofilm gets generated on the surface due to micro-organisms that can be eliminated by using biodispersants.


Product Name Active Component
SRI 16500 Surfactant

Cooling Tower Biocides

We formulate these biocides by using high quality oxidized & non-oxidized constituents to ensure exceptional prevention from fungi, spores, bacteria and other micro-organisms that are responsible for hazarding the health of a cooling tower.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 16019 Isothiazolinone
SRI 16301 Quaternary Ammonium
SRI 16470 Guanidine
SRI 16944 Phosphorous
SRI 16312 Methylene Bis Thiocyanate
SRI 16022 Bromine
SRI 16014 Salt of Hypochlorous acid

Boiler Chemicals

Srivilas provides the highest level of boiler expertise, full line of boiler water treatment chemicals, testing and control equipment. The primary function of a boiler water treatment program is to keep heat transfer surfaces (steam generating and associated tubes) free from scale and deposition. The second requirement is corrosion inhibition. Boiler deposits are problematic, as they typically contain undesirable levels of metal oxides, mineral scale, sludge, or various combinations. Corrosion generally occurs because of excessive levels of dissolved oxygen but can also develop under tube deposits. Deposits and corrosion can lead to boiler tube failures that result in costly repairs and downtime. We also maintain the pH and the phosphate levels for a “trouble free” boiler.

Oxygen Scavengers

Product Name Active Component
SRI 16062 Catalyzed Sulphite
SRI 16055 Hydrazine
SRI 16056 Carbohydrazide


Product Name Active Component
SRI 16144 SHMP Based
SRI 16121(ALL IN ONE) Combination of polymers

pH Boosters

Product Name Active Component
SRI 16574 Phosphates Based
SRI 16150 Caustic Soda Based

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

The water being purified by RO is passed under pressure through membrane, this process in turn can foul or contaminate or form scales. Using RO antiscalant helps to control inorganic scales of calcium, magnesium, barium, stronium, fluoride, iron and silica. RO antiscalant ensures above 80% reduction in scaling tendencies if used continuously. we offer anti-scalants, cleaning compounds (being their main application) and disinfectants for the membrane.


Product Name Active Component
SRI 16220 Low Si Content
SRI 16333 High Si content
SRI 16221 High pH for low Si content
SRI 16334 High pH for high Si content

Cleaning Compounds

Product Name Active Component
SRI 16075 Acid Cleaner
SRI 16099 Alkali Cleaner


Product Name Active Component
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