Effluent Treatment or Industrial wastewater treatment consists of the mechanisms and processes used to treat waters that have been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities prior to its release into the environment or its re-use. The waste water before discharge is required to have neutral pH, Color and Minimum BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) & COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). We provide polymers as coagulants for primary treatment and high molecular weight flocculants to form sludge. Our specialized decoloring polymers are also helpful diminishing colored effluent.


Polyelectrolytes having several polar groups in the molecular chain, it can form bridge among particles by absorbing suspended solid particles in wastewater and condense particle into big flocs by neutralizing charges. It can speed up sedimentation of particles in suspensions and excels in speeding up purification of solutions and promoting filtration.

Flocculating Polyelectrolytes are of various types with different molecular weights such as low molecular weight, medium molecular weight, high molecular weight and ultra-high molecular weight and ionic charges such as Anionic Polyelectrolyte, Cationic Polyelectrolyte and Non-Ionic Polyelectrolyte.
These polyelectrolytes are widely recommended for their application as

  • Dewatering Polyelectolyte(DWPE)
  • Deoiling Polyelectrolyte(DOPE)
Product Name Active Component
SRI 810P (Cationic) Low to medium charge Polyacrylamide
SRI 811P (Cationic) Medium to high charge Polyacrylamide
SRI 925P (Anionic) Low to medium charge Polyacrylamide
SRI 930P (Anionic) Medium to high charge Polyacrylamide
SRI 900P (Non Ionic) Non-Ionic Polyacrylamide

The Mining industry consumes large quantities of water. With water scarcity issues on the rise and ore quality on the decline, finding a solution to effectively separate ore and gangue materials is important in lowering your total cost of operations. We offer a complete set of flocculants and coagulants products portfolio engineered to improve throughput, enhance yield and optimize your processes in mining application.

Our treatment programs offer innovative solutions for all of the primary mining and mineral processing industries, including Alumina, Coal, Copper and Base Metals, Gold, Silver and Platinum, Phosphate and Potash, Iron Ore, Industrial Minerals and Aggregate (Sand and Gravel).


Contains strong cationic group radical and activated-adsorbent group radical which can destabilize and flocculate the suspended solids and the negative-charged water soluble matters in the waste water through electro-neutralization and bridging adsorption. It is very effective in flocculating, decoloring, killing algae and removing organics.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 68 Polyamine
SRI 3050 Decoloring Agent
SRI 145 Polyaluminium Chloride

Defoamers/Antifoam Agents

A chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial processes which left unattended can cause major production problems. Defoamers are insoluble in the foaming medium and have surface active properties. Its affinity to air-liquid surface destabilizes the foam lamellas causing rupture of air bubble and breakdown of surface foam. Entrained air bubbles are agglomerated and the larger bubbles rise to the surface of the bulk liquid more quickly.

Product Name Active Component
SRI SG 20 Silicon based low to high active
SRI PC DKW Non Silicon Mineral Oil based(high active)
SRI PC SDX Non Silicon Mineral Oil based
SRI WE 30 Non Silicon & Non mineral oil based
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