Our goal is to provide easy-to-use, highly reliable speciality chemicals that increases productivity and profitability through helping the machines run smoothly, greatly improving performance, ensuring personal and corporate safety, and providing an environment that allows customers to concentrate on matters other than fixing chemicals and allied issues.

Srivilas Hydrotech offers the widest variety of speciality products which find application throughout the paper making process and hence increase the overall efficiency of the Paper mill.


Growth of microorganisms in paper manufacturing processes causes major technical, economical and hygienic problems, mainly due to slime formation. It is very important to choose the right Biocide for the system as chemical-physical and the composition of the microorganisms vary widely in one process and between processes. Resistant strains can also evolve due to repeated treatment by certain biocides.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12018 Gluteraldehyde
SRI 12019 Isothiazolinone
SRI 12020 Gluteraldehyde & Quarternary Ammonium
SRI 12022 Oxidising compound
SRI 12023 Bronopol & Isothiazolinone
SRI 12024 Guanidine

De-Inking Compounds

De-inked pulp quality requirements remain high, and there is increasing pressure to reduce processing costs and increase production capacity. Every de-inking process is unique because of the infinite variables in water content, the furnish mix and individual techniques for running the process.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12000 Non-Aqueous

Felt Cleaners/Conditioners

Machine cleaning and boil-outs are not just cosmetic to make a process look nicer - they are critical components of deposit and microbiological control programs. No deposit control program is 100% effective. Effective boil-outs and machine cleaning is required to maintain maximum operational efficiency. Effective boil-outs are one of the foundations of a comprehensive microbiological control program.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12003 Phosphonate + Surfactant
SRI 12004 Phosphonate + Surfactant


The purpose of a paper machine boil out is to remove deposits of pitch, fibers, minerals, and biological slime from the wetted surfaces of a paper machine during a shutdown.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12009 Acid Boil Out
SRI 12010 Alkali Based

Digester Additive

A specially designed product to help the digestion of pulp in paper mills. The composition of of this product gives a better Kappa number and allows lowering the use of caustic soda. This is a speciality chemical developed to improve liquor penetration in the chips during cooking by way of wetting mechanism.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12011 Surfactant

Stickies Control

Stickies are tacky substances contained in the paper pulp and process water systems of paper machines. Stickies have a large tendency to make deposits on the processing equipment in certain stages of the papermaking process. Contaminations of paper that that are classified as tacky are also called stickies.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12012 Polymer Based

Vacuum Scale Control

Scale formation occurs in different areas of the pulp making process including the digester heater, screens in washing, filters, and drums (plugging) in washing / bleaching, along the pipe lines, control sensors, liquor evaporator, vacuum pumps, scrubbers and tanks surfaces. These could lead to significant negative impact on productivity and product quality.

Scale control agents inhibit the formation of scale on equipment’s surface, pipe lines, control sensors, vacuum pumps etc., thus ensuring optimum efficiency. The polymeric component of the product inhibits the precipitation of calcium or Aluminium phosphate. This allows high levels of soluble orthophosphate to be maintained in the recirculating water, promoting mild steel passivation.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12014 Polymer Based

Wet End Deposit Control

A unique organic and inorganic deposit prevention formulation designed for felt conditioning to prevent organic and inorganic (such as carbonate, alum, clay and fabric) deposition in felts on paper and pulp machines. This composition shows unprecedented performances in maintaining clean felts and retards or eliminates organic and inorganic deposits accumulation resulting in improved sheet quality and extends felt life

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12017 EOPO Based

Odour Control

An aqueous solution of combination of biocides that offers excellent protection against a broad range of micro-organisms including bacteria and other fungi. It operates through a unique dual action mechanism. Firstly, it has a powerful biocidal action that controls the microorganisms. Secondly, it reacts with thiol containing groups that cause bad odours e.g. hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans and organic sulphides to form more complex, less odorous compounds

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12025 Combination of halogenated compounds

Wet & Dry Strength Resins

SRI 12029 is a wet end additive formulates to impart dry strength to paper. It offers superior retention and performance at the wet end. The improved strength characteristics of SRI 12029 include STFI, Concura, Burst, Tensile, Ring Crust and Dry Rub. These benefits improve the papermaking operation by enabling new grades, lower cost furnish increased machine speed and reduced steam demand.

SRI 12030 is long chain synthetic polymer. The polymerisation is controlled and restricted to get the product which gives extra stiffness smooth, surface and better strength properties for paper.  The main function of Dry Strength Resin is to increase strength per unit of bonded area between fibers in any sheet of paper. Dry strength additives are usually polymers of acrylamide.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12029 Polymers of Acrylamide
SRI 12030 Polymers of Acrylamide

Surface Sizing Chemicals

Surface sizing agents have both hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends. It is forms a thin film on paper web, the hydrophilic tail of it joined with the fiber, whereas hydrophobic tail facing outwards. The thin film reduces paper dust; improve surface strength, printability and water resistance of the paper.  It is normally applied in a paper mill though the size press at dry end section. This is a specialty surface sizing agent to bring down the internal sizing cost to great extent.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12031 Cationic Surface Sizing
SRI 12032 Anionic Surface Sizing


Defoamer/Antifoams are used in a pulp mill and a paper mill to reduce foam problems. It tackles both problems with surface foam and entrained or entrapped air. Defoamer also hinders the formation of foam. Defoamer improves drainage in the Kraft pulp stock, sulfite stock, bleaching plant screen room area in the pulp mill. It reduces paper breaking and hence improves paper machine runnability. Defoamer also lessens steam consumption in the dryers and resultant energy savings as well as cost savings. Defoamer avoids paper formation of holes by removing fine bubbles in fibers.

Product Name Active Component Application
SRI BS 7600 Silicon Based High Active Brown Stock
SRI WA 70 Mineral Oil Paper Machine Defoamer
SRI WE 30 Non-Silicon Water Based Paper Machine Defoamer

Retention Aids & Polyelectrolytes

Retention Aid (Powder) is specially a Flocculant and is used in Pulp & Paper Industry to improve the first pass retention and fibre saving in krofta applications. It can be modified as per specific requirements of system and it can be modified to suit the conditions of particular mill.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 810P Low Charge Cationic Polyacrylamide
SRI 811P Medium Charge Cationic Polyacrylamide
Polyelectrolytes For Effluent System
SRI 925P Low charge Anionic Polyacrylamide
SRI 930P Medium Charge Anionic Polyacrylamide

Other Speciality Chemicals For Paper Application

Product Name Active Component
SRI 12001 Wire Passivation
SRI 12008 Acid foam cleaner
SRI 12013 Roll release
SRI 12015 Antiscalant in evaporators
SRI 12016 Anionic dispersants
SRI 12028 Descalants
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