Evaporator Antiscalant

Antiscalants help retarding the scale formation in the evaporator and improves heat transfer by increasing the solubility of dissolved salts. The use of antiscalants helps to reduce evaporator cleaning frequency and substantially reduces the amount of chemical required for such cleaning.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 1000 Polymer Based

Mill Sanitation Chemicals

Broad spectrum micro-biocide that can be effective in controlling the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi. The unique composition of mill sanitation chemicals are effective against both the gram positive and gram negative bacteria, as well as active against fungi.

Product Name Active Component
SRI SDDC Carbamate Based
SRI 1301 Quaternary Ammonium Based

Viscosity Reducers

It is an effective formulation of polyacrylate polymer, which highly increases sugar manufacturing efficiency by better lubrication, purging, better circulation of pans, increases centrifugal efficiency, less boiling time and reduced content of ash.

Product Name Active Component
SRI VR 50 Viscosity Reducer

Juice Clarifiers

Anionic Polymers are water soluble polymers used for flocculation in effluent treatment. Anionic Polymers are of various high, medium and low molecular weight, ionic charge of low to high etc.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 930P Polyacrylamide

Color Precipitant

Fluctuations in raw sugar color are a serious problem in refineries with only filtration and the great advantage of using color precipitant in this case is that it allows these refineries to operate efficiently with variable quality raw sugar.

Product Name Active Component

pH Booster Chemical

pH Booster Chemical is specially formulated to be utilized for boiler feed water as alkalinity source to minimize the corrosion of pumps, lines and feed water tank. This liquefied alkaline formulation is processed prudently to make it synergized with pH boosting and water conditioning characteristics.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 1150 Caustic

Oxygen Scavenger

Boiler water oxygen scavengers are scientifically formulated to combat the detrimental effects of oxygen related corrosion in industrial boiler systems, hot water systems, and steam raising plant.

Product Name Active Component
SRI 16055 Hydrazine Hydrate
SRI 16056 Carbohydrazide
SRI 16062 Catalysed Sulphite
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